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 Waist Harness or Seat Harness

Welcome back to you all for another post. And a special welcome to new readers.   This time I would like to answer this question:

Do I use a waist harness or a seat harness?Yorkeys Knob __ Kiteboarding Cairns Australia - Dakine Harness - Pyro

Unless you want to ride around unhooked all day you’ll need a harness.  Hey I’m joking.  Nobody kiteboards around unhooked all day.  Sure they unhook when they go to bust a high powered wake style move, but after that they hook back into the comfort of the harness so they can lean back and enjoy the ride until they are ready to do the next trick.

For the benefit of those of you who are completely new to the sport, a harness is used to support the weight of the kite power so you dont need to hold on to it with your arms.  Its as simple as that. There are two main types of harness.  These are the:

Lets take a closer look at these two options and the advantages of using each

Waist Harness

All of the weight is distributed around your torso. Benefits of this type of harness include:

Complete freedom around your legs and butt

This Creates a great riding stance.  The weight is distributed to your back allowing you to really lean back with your torso and angle the lower part of your body toward the kite.  The big plus for New Kiters is there is absolutely no crutch squash as all of the weight is in the torso.

Seat Harness

This type will not ride up around your chest. The weight sits lower which is preferable to some people . This lower centre of gravity is what some people go for as all of the weight is in your butt and not around the torso.Yorkeys Knob - Kiteboarding Cairns Australia - Dakine Vega - Seat harness

Andy’s Opinion

Opinions are like noses. Everyone’s got one. So here’s mine.  I think most people will benefit greatly using the waist harness.  The modern waist harnesses are very well designed and will rarely ride up to your chest provided they are a good fit.

The old school approach with teaching kiteboarding is to start students off on a seat harness and then after time they can progress to the waist harness. That approach was perfectly valid 5 years ago when waist harness design was not so good.

So unless your physique just doesn’t fit with the waist harness, go for the waist harness.  Once you get out on the water you will soon see that 90 percent of the riders at Yorkeys Knob and at most other places I have kited wear waist harnesses.  Why? Because they are so comfortable and you have loads of body freedom. That been said, if you try on a seat harness and decide that its what you really want, then get the seat harness. There is no right or wrong choice here.. Its personal preference.

In summary

Waist harnesses mean torso weight distribution which is great for kiting stance and leg freedom. Perfect for mastering your next move. Seat harnesses mean low down weight distribution, but be careful with the butt wedgey.

There you have it.  Now, rock on down to Yorkeys Knob and get kiteboarding.   The forcast looks great for the last week of March with signs of the season kicking in as the south easterly airflow starts to hit us. Kiteboarding Cairns will be kicking off in May.

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Happy Kiting

Andy    :)

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