Kite Repairs Australia - Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaHi Everyone this blogs just a quicky but a goody.  At Kiteboarding Cairns we’ve just taken dealership of Dr Tuber kite repair products for Far North Queensland (Cairns and North of Cairns).  I just want to say I am impressed with the quality of the products.  I just tested their contact adhesive glue called “Pu Glue“.  One of my neighbours was having trouble with his strut bladder.  The valve had peeled right off.  Anyway, I tried this Pu stuff out and holy crap it worked a treat.  They dont call it Pu Glue for nothing, it sticks like there’s no tomorrow.  Anyway, if you want to get geared up with a repair kit to save those precious kiteboarding sessions or any spare parts what so ever, get hold of us.

More News on the same subject: In conjunction with In the Loop Kiteboarding – Townsville, we are offering a full repair service.  So, gone are the days of waiting around for ever and a day to get your kites repaired professionally. Australia Kite Repairs - Kiteboarding Cairns Australia - DDr Tuber

  • Canopy work
  • Leading Edges
  • Bladders and Valves
  • Bar and Line tune ups and recons

The whole service!

Check us out on our Repairs Page or Marvins  Repair Page at In the Loop Kiteboarding.  Or Contact Us.

On a last note.  The last few days at Yorkeys  have shown signs of an awesome season with a steady south east breeze.  If your keen to get kiting then book now , grab a lesson and we’ll get you sorted in no time.

Happy Kiting


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