How to kitesurf in light wind - Kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaThe last few weeks have see some unseasonally light wind days which has frustrated more than a few people.  But there is a solution, and that one is, get out there on some kick ass light wind equipment.  With a good size kite and a slightly larger than usual board, we have been out there ripping it up most days. So here’s the deal on how to kite in light winds and what you need to do if you want to get ripping in under 12 knots.

How to Kitesurf in Light Wind – Get a big kite

how to kite in light wind - kiteboarding Cairns AustraliaGet a big Kite and I mean big. A few weeks ago my friend Marvin from In the Loop Kiteboarding gave me a call and said. “Hey Andy I wanna send you the new x19 Spleene 19m for you to demo.  What do you say?” At first I thought, ‘Oh yeah one of those foil sleeping bag kites. It will be pretty average”.  Anyway, valuing Marv’s  enthusiasm and advise I said ‘Sure Dude I’ll try it out’ .

Anyway the first light wind day we had after that must have been about 8 – 10 knots.  So the team at KBC headed down the beach and laid the kite out, launched it in the sky. Sick!!’ – Talk about raw power.  I jumped on my Spleene RIP 137 twin tip board and before I knew it I was ripping up wind just like a 15 knot day on my 12 metre ozone c4.

This is the first light wind kite I’ve ever been serious about.  From my experience I have found that the bigger inflatable kites will get you up and riding 2 0r 3 knots before your standard kite on your usual twin tip board, so I have never really bothered to go for one.  But this foil kite gets you riding really early, way before the rest of the crew are flying their big inflatables.

Although the Spleene X19 is very slow to steer, once its locked in it becomes a power machine and is perfect of practising all your wakestyle tricks in light winds.  The board speed you generate form this kite is great considering the size of the kite.

Anyway, if you’re around Yorkeys Knob and its a light wind day, come and and have a go.  This kite will save your session for sure. The X19 is the ultimate machine – Definitely How to kite in light winds!

Happy kiting and see you out there fellow kiters.

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