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Hi Everyone.  We are very happy to say that the Cairns Post has been generous to us by giving us a massive second page photo and a write up about our new business: Kiteboarding Cairns Australia.

Cairns Activities - kiteboarding Cairns Australia - Andrew Bamford

Grace Uhr introduces  kiteboarding  as one of the excilerating

Cairns Activities, profiling Cairns as a water sports centre and a world class kiteboarding lesson  location.  Special thanks to writer – Grace Uhr and Photographer – Stu at the Cairns post for giving us even more web presence and local publicity.  All in the name of spreading the love of kiteboarding to the people. Cairns Activities are all about the outdoors and Kiteboarding is no exception. This sport is excilierating, easy to learn and heaps of fun.  Anyway, here’s the shot they put up.  If you want to check out the article go to  Cairns Post KBC.  Rememeber to tweet and share with you facebook friends.

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kiteboarding Cairns Australia – Andrew Bamford