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Learn Kiteboarding

We know the best way to get you up and riding quickly and safely, so you can get out there and Rip it Up on the water. With expert tuition from our professional Kiteboarding school and the optimum learning conditions of Yorkeys Knob, we can help get you riding safely and quickly. So join us and learn to kiteboard (kitesurf) Its Easy.

Feel the Power

With the attention of our Certified Instructors, we guarantee you a memorable experience. Feel the kite power you across the water. This sport is amazing! And with our professional instruction of your Kiteboarding Cairns Qualified Instructor you’ll feel safe, learn skills and have great fun! We want to live the dream and we want others to follow their dream.  No need to go elsewhere over the winter months. Kiteboard in the warm winters in Cairns Australia.

Get Certified

All of our students complete their course with an IKO certification. This is an internationally recognised qualification recognised and endorsed world wide. IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organisation. Every good school should certify their students and have world recognised standards to ensure students can conduct themselves safely on and off the water! At Kiteboarding Cairns Australia we adhere to International standards and are licensed to certify our students. We use internationally proven methods and train with confidence.

Our Kiteboarding Season

Our windy season runs from May to November.  This is when the south eat trade winds kick in. This is the best time of the year in Cairns.  Its our windy season. Its also dry and sunny.  Need we say more than –  Cairns is the perfect tropical destination for Kiteboarding in Australia over the winter months.